About Us

INCEIF Knowledge Repository (IKR) is an institutional repository built using DSpace software which supports the University's knowledge community by collecting and maintaining intellectual contributions such as journal articles, conference papers, research reports, dissertations and other scholarly/research output by INCEIF's faculty, staff and students - and of their collaborators from around the world. It is run by the INCEIF Knowledge Management Centre.

Institutional repositories have become the standard tool for the dissemination of the scholarly/research output of academic institutions. The Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) lists over 3500 repositories worldwide.

There are a number of reasons for the growth of institutional repositories at academic institutions. IRs provide:

  • a means to collect and preserve the diverse research outputs of the institution, outputs that might otherwise be scattered and difficult to trace.
  • a means to showcase the intellectual contributions of the institution, increasing the research profile of the institution and its members.
  • timely access to research materials to the benefit of individuals and the research community.

In addition, articles deposited in institutional repositories or published in open access journals have been demonstrated to have an advantage when it comes to impact and article citedness. Simply put, articles are cited more frequently when they are easily accessible to anyone, via the Internet.

Contact Information

INCEIF Knowledge Repository (IKR) administrators may be contacted at:
Phone: +603-7651 4070
Email: kmc@inceif.org