Islamic finance stakeholders in the Maldives to strategize future of the industry

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The importance of Muslim-friendly tourism to complement the unique tourism proposition of the Maldives was highlighted by the minister of tourism of the Maldives, Dr Abdulla Mausoom, during his speech as a chief guest at the Maldives Islamic Banking and Finance Industry conference held for the 9th consecutive year in the Maldives. Professor Azmi Omar, the president and CEO of the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance or INCEIF in Malaysia and who was the guest of honor and the keynote speaker at the event attended by the Maldivian Islamic finance fraternity and experts worldwide, shared his experience on ways to deploy the potential of Islamic finance in achieving financial inclusion. As the chairperson of the conference, Dr Aishath Muneeza, the chairman of the Capital Market Shariah Advisory Council of the Capital Market Development Authority (CMDA) of the Maldives, highlighted the progress made by the Maldives in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in Islamic finance as the Maldives has been ranked 10th in the Islamic Finance Development Indicator published in the 2021 Islamic finance growth indicator report by Refinitiv.
Islamic finance , Financial inclusion
Muneeza, A. (2022). Islamic finance stakeholders in the Maldives to strategize future of the industry. Islamic Finance News, 19(34), 17.

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