Maqasid al Shariah with the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs)

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This month I would like to focus on an area that I consider of great significance and one that I have written about frequently in the last year or so. The focus is the alignment of Maqasid al Shariah with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is a topic that I have commented on several times before in this column and I should like, with your indulgence, to give you the latest thoughts and updates that I have been having in this area after several related meetings in recent days. During the last month or so I have had several discussions with a couple of very prominent and globally recognised scholars. Both have expressed concerns, as I have, that the scholars in general, are less relevant than they should be in the current day and age. Indeed, both have commented on the fact that the Shariah Boards are starting to look like Fatwa factories, when they should be looking more closely at the outcomes of their decisions, particularly with regard to alignment with global SDGs.
Maqasid al Shari'ah , United Nations , Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Vicary, D. (2017). Maqasid al Shariah with the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs). Islamic Banker, (March 2017). Retrieved from
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