Fayrus kuruna al-mustajidu (KUFID-19) fi al-manzur al-Islami: at-tada'iyat walhulul

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This paper contributes to the discussion forum of King Abdulaziz University for Islamic Economics on the economic, social and legal implications of the coronavirus. It aims to record some observations about the main paper of the forum and provide additional discussion of the economic, social and legal implications. In addition, it proposes solutions to these repercussions based on the principles of Islamic law and its overall objectives. The paper notes that efforts to monitor and analyze these repercussions were undoubtedly significant. However, some of them were characterized by a lack of precision and a piecemeal approach. It deals with some of the proposed solutions, especially on the economic side. The paper concludes that the proposed solutions for overcoming the repercussions of coronavirus according to the Islamic perspective must be based on the comprehensive objectives of the Shariah. Moreover, they must adopt an objective analysis of the facets of these repercussions according to the requirements of systematic research and analysis. This will ensure discipline in the analysis and comprehensiveness in the proposals.
COVID-19 , Objectives of Islamic law , Monetary policy , Islamic finance , Islamic perspective
Bouheraoua, S. (2020). Fayrus kuruna al-mustajidu (KUFID-19) fi al-manzur al-Islami: at-tada'iyat walhulul. Journal of King Abdulaziz University: Islamic Economics, 33 (3), pp: 87-102.
King Abdulaziz University

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