Alibaba'larin dunyasina hazirlik acik bankacilik duzenlemeri

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Technological revolution, avalanche-growing financial technology (FinTech) companies, customers waiting for unlimited service, and regulations based on data sharing point to a new era in banking. The new era, open banking, provides an expansion of the scope of banking services offered in a wide geography from European Union countries to China, from the United States to South American countries. In the new period, it is aimed to provide more innovative, inclusive and practical services by sharing the authorized data of customers with FinTech companies. It is seen that the countries show significant differences and similarities in their open banking practices. In this descriptive study, the steps taken in the United Kingdom, where the concept was first implemented, and in Turkey, where the relevant legislation is still under preparation, together with the studies carried out by the regulatory institutions in the world's two largest economies, the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, are chronologically. Throughout the study, open banking is evaluated mainly through the payment initiation service and account information service and their providers.
Open banking , Future of banking , Fintech , PSD2
Usakli, B. S. & Kenc, T. (2022). Alibaba'larin dunyasina hazirlik acik bankacilik duzenlemeri. Bankacilar Dergisi, 33 (120), pp. 68-78. 2022
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