What motivates retail investors to invest in government-issued digital sukuk during COVID-19?

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To analyse Sukuk Prihatin (SP), the first-ever retail digital sukuk issued by the Government of Malaysia in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of the national economic recovery plan. The issuance of SP was oversubscribed, even upsized, resulting in the government announcing its intention to issue similar types of sukuk in the future. In light of this, the purpose of this study is to understand the motivation for retail investors to invest in SP. The purposive sampling method was applied via a self-administered survey, while the cross-sectional data were empirically tested using the SmartPLS 3.2.9 structural equation modelling. An integrated model of the theory of planned behaviour and social cognitive theories was used in determining investors' intention to invest in SP. The findings of this research revealed that attitude (ATT) towards SP investment (SPI), social norms (SN), perceived control (PBC) regarding SPI, sukuk features (SF), tax incentives (TI) and the spirit of unity and brotherhood (SUB) were significant determinants of investors' willingness to invest in SP. This research also provided evidence for significant national pride-moderated interactions of ATT, SN, PBC, SF, TI and digitisation on investment intention. The outcome of this study could assist governments and policymakers to structure sukuk and other debt-based capital market products to attract retail investors who would be willing to invest in the development of the nation in the midst of a crisis.
Investment decision , Bond market , COVID-19 , Digital sukuk , Retail investor , Sukuk Prihatin (SP)
Bin-Nashwan, S. A., Muneeza, A., & Kunhibava, S. (2022). What motivates retail investors to invest in government-issued digital sukuk during COVID-19? Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, 13(3), 393-424.
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