The role of technology in effective distribution of zakat to poor and needy

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Zakat (alms) is the third pillar of Islam. In zakat management, different countries adopt different approaches. As such, the effectiveness of zakat management depends on the way it is managed. With industry 4.0, technology has become an integral part of the lives of human. Technology has no religion and Islam does not prohibit the use of technology for benefcial purposes. Therefore, to enhance zakat administration, technology can be utilized. The classical zakat management process has three stages. The frst stage is the zakat collection stage where the zakat administrator will collect the zakat from its payers and then will keep that money collected in a separate account as a trust. The second stage is managing the received zakat fund in an effective way so that the benefit of the zakat will be enjoyed by its recipients mentioned in the Quran (legal recipients) in an effective way. The fnal stage is where the zakat is distributed to the selected legal recipients.
Effective zakat management , Islamic social finance , Technology , Zakat administration , Zakat disbursement
Hassan, M. K., & Muneeza, A. (2023). The role of technology in effective distribution of zakat to poor and needy. In Z. H. Jumat, S. H. Khateeb, & S. N. Ali (Eds.), Islamic finance, fintech, and the road to sustainability: reframing the approach in the post-pandemic era (pp. 309-330). Palgrave Macmillan.
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