Audit committee: some evidence from Malaysia

This study aimed to investigate the perceptions of senior managers of Malaysian publicly listed companies on issues relating to audit committee authority and effectiveness. Questionnaire survey technique was employed to seek the respondents perceptions on five issues, namely audit committee appoints the auditor, audit committee determines and reviews audit fees, audit committee determines and reviews the auditor’s scope and duties, and audit committee’s reports and meetings. The majority of respondents agreed that auditor would be more effective and independent if audit committee assumed the responsibility to appoint the auditor, determine and review the audit fees, and determine and review the external auditor’s scope and duties. It is also found that disclosure of audit committee report and quarterly meeting would enhance the perceptions of users of financial statement concerning the effectiveness of the committee.
Audit committee , Authority , Effectiveness , Meeting , Auditor
Muhamad Sori, Z., Abdul Hamid, M. A., Mohd Saad, S. S., Evans, J. E., & Md. Nassir, A. (2006). Audit committee: some evidence from Malaysia. Corporate board: role, duties and composition, 2 (3), pp. 25-35.
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