Lessons from COVID 19 - what the virus has taught us

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The traditional view, of a linear relationship between the development levels of countries and their ability to deal with problems has been completely changed with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The countries hit hardest by the pandemic have been the so called developed ones of Western Europe and the USA. Equating development to mega cities has been shown to be misplaced. The pandemic has spread fastest in crowded cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Aside from overpopulated cities, ignoring the environment and the need for healthy living conditions are other important reasons for their failure to control the epidemic. Yet, countries such as Taiwan, South Korea and Japan have had very low infection rates relatively, even though most of their populations live in large urban centers. The difference may be due to the extensive practice of using face masks in these countries. The need to emphasize and rely on science and technology to solve the problems of humankind is among the key lessons that the pandemic has taught us. A final lesson the virus has taught us, is that regardless of which country we live in, our well-being and destinies are closely indeed intertwined. A health care crisis anywhere in the world can affect us all and very quickly too.
COVID-19 pandemic , Developed countries , Measures
Bacha, O. I. (2021). Lessons from COVID 19 - what the virus has taught us. Duzce Medical Journal, 23(S1), 24-26.
Duzce University

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