The impact of workplace spirituality on organizational commitment: a case study of takaful agents in Malaysia

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Despite extensive studies on predictors and antecedents of organizational commitment, empirical research studies on the impact of workplace spirituality on organizational commitment remain scarce. This study aims to examine the impact of the dimensions of workplace spirituality on agents' organizational commitment in Islamic insurance (takaful) industry in Malaysia. This study used a positivist research approach, comprising a quantitative basis of enquiry, and gathered data via survey questionnaires. In total, 600 questionnaires were distributed and finally 395 usable cases were selected for analysis. Pearson's correlation and stepwise multiple regressions analyses were used to analyze the data. The findings indicated that spirituality in the workplace has a positive and significant effect on organizational commitment. The relationship between each and every component of workplace spirituality and organizational commitment was found to be substantial, positive and significant. The study findings will enable Islamic insurance companies to understand the importance of spirituality in the workplace and will further improve their function and performance by way of enhancing employees' spirituality in the workplace. This study suggests developing more spiritual training, workshops, lectures and seminars on spirituality at the workplace which will help employees of takaful operators and agencies cope effectively with life problems, reduce stress, boost loyalty and enhance organizational commitment.
Takaful , Organizational commitment , Well-being , Islamic insurance , Spirituality in the workplace
Djafri, Fares and Noordin, Kamaruzaman. (2017). The impact of workplace spirituality on organizational commitment: a case study of takaful agents in Malaysia. Humanomics, 33 (3), pp. 384-396.
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