Knowledge is already 'Islamic': why do we want to Islamise it?

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The world today has become a heterogeneous village with multiple cultures, religions and ethnicities competing for wealth and prestige. We are so diverse that even among the similar, differences surface over time. In such a world it is a real challenge to manage and disseminate true knowledge. Distortions, influences and manipulations among others shape the knowledge before reaching its intended audiences. Thus what is usually referred to as 'knowledge' may not be the true or comprehensive knowledge. With a broader degree of distortion due to proponents of various ideologies attempting to manipulate knowledge to their advantage it is crucial that knowledge be understood as a mere stool pigeon rather than an absolute. Some may raise the question of knowledge being Islamic as 'truth' is in direct conformity with Islam and cannot be contradictory as god is the source of both. The common misconception of knowledge already being Islamic will be discussed in this paper and will also attempt to highlight the major epistemological dimensions of knowledge both from secular and Islamic perspective. Why one may arrive at the connotation would also be discussed. Islamising something Islamic does not seem viable and thus the paper will try to shed light on the need to Islamise knowledge and the Islamisation of knowledge movement.
Knowledge , Islam
Wajeeh, I. A., & Muneeza, A. Knowledge is already 'Islamic': why do we want to islamise it? Shariah Law Reports, 3 (ix).
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