Are gig workers protected? A possible solution

The gig economy represents a relatively contemporary phenomenon that remains insufficiently examined or documented in academic literature. The term "gig economy" pertains to labour markets characterised by short-term, intermittent, on-demand, and predominantly task-oriented employment arrangements. Due to its non-traditional nature, part-time employment typically lacks the comprehensive benefits and safeguards associated with full-time employment. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the gig economy market, we utilise the partial least squares structural equation modelling technique. This approach allows us to specifically examine the factors that significantly contribute to the low insurance penetration among the gig economy workforce. In order to achieve our objective, we have gathered data from a total of 374 participants. Our research indicates that gig workers are facing a significant lack of coverage, and they express a willingness to enrol in a flexible and customised takaful product.
Gig economy , Takaful , Sustainable Development Goals , SDG
Ali, M., Hussain, H. I., Nisar, Q. A., Chang, Y. W., Abdul Hamid, B., & Mahomed, Z. (2023). Are gig workers protected? A possible solution. International Journal of Economics and Finance Studies, 15(3), 282-302.

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