Chinese dynasties and modern China unification and fragmentation

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The history of China is briefly reviewed to ascertain the features that are common to the various dynasties. Our study shows that China has repeatedly gone through a historical phase of fragmentation and a historical phase of unification. In our view, the single most important factor in the unity, stability and longevity of a dynasty is the system for determining the succession of the emperor. Given the vastly changed circumstances of the present era, we discuss the relevance of China's historical pattern of fragmentation and unification. The contemporary rise of China is shown to follow a pattern that is similar to the case of many previous dynasties. A few tentative predictions are made about the future course of China. An appendix provides a brief summary of the history of China since its first unification in 221 BC.
Chinese history , Chinese dynasties , Communist Party of China
Baaquie, B. E. & Qing-hai, Wang. (2018). Chinese dynasties and modern China unification and fragmentation. China and the World: Ancient and Modern Silk Road, 1(1), pp. 1-43.
World Scientific Publishing Company

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