High time for Islamic banks to show they are indeed value-based intermediaries

The novel COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented human crisis around the globe. The necessary actions implemented to contain the virus have sparked both economic and social downturn. It shows the fragility and unpreparedness of the economy to face such a pandemic. Significant weakening of economic conditions has escalated the pressure on households, businesses and financial markets. Governments all over the globe are in the process of formulating and implementing appropriate policies to continue economic activities amidst this turmoil. Financial institutions are obligated to respond towards the policies adopted by respective governments.
Covid-19 , Value-based intermediaries , Islamic banks , Islamic finance
Shamsudheen, Shinaj Valangattil and Salim, Kinan and Abdul Hamid, Baharom and Mahomed, Ziyaad and Abu Bakar, Noor Haini Akmal and Hassan, Wiaam. (2020), High time for Islamic banks to show they are indeed value-based intermediaries. IF Hub, 2 (June 2020), pp. 30-35.

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