Cryptos: distiguishing hype and realities in Islamic finance

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According to the Financial Stability Board's recent study, crypto-asset market capitalisation grew 3.5 times in 2021 to USD2.6 trillion. Still, the market remains a small portion of the overall global financial system, and direct connections between crypto assets and systemically important financial institutions and core financial markets are limited at the present time. The market, according to the European Central Bank, represents less than 1% of the global financial system in terms of size, but it is still similar in size to, for example, the securitised sub-prime mortgage markets that triggered the global financial crisis of 2007-2008. However, most central banks perceive the use of cryptocurrencies for payments to be trivial or limited to niche groups and not widely used in critical financial services (including payments) on which the real economy depends. Besides, the different incidences of price volatility in cryptocurrency markets have, so far, been contained within crypto-asset markets and have not spilled over to other financial markets and infrastructures. This report - which is based on the notes and commentaries shared by the participants of the workshop "Cryptos: Distinguishing Hype and Realities in Islamic Finance", held at SOAS, University of London on 16th June 2022 - discusses the above-mentioned topic in some detail. Although the full commentaries are extremely valuable and beneficial, this 'summary of commentaries' aims to discuss the most crucial concerns regarding cryptos that the world faces today. The report gives some insights regarding the crypto-asset industry and sheds light on some legal and Shari'ah issues that can arise in cryptocurrencies. To serve this purpose, this report is a brief compilation, with selective editing, of the notes and commentaries shared by individuals prior to the workshop. A list of contributors is placed at the end of this report.
Cryptocurrencies , Crypto assets , Islamic finance , Legal , Shari'ah issues
Djafri, F. (2022, June 15-16). Commentaries summary. In J. Ercanbrack (Chair), Cryptos: distinguishing hype & realities in Islamic finance: workshop and public lecture reports. The SOAS Public Lecture and Workshop on Islamc Finance, London, England.

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