Islamic social finance: law and practice in Malaysia

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This book addresses the growing significance of Islamic social finance as an alternative and sustainable financing approach in the world. With a focus on Malaysia, a global leader in Islamic banking and finance, the topics covered fills the gap in the extant research by providing in-depth coverage of the legal framework surrounding Islamic social finance. Written with students, researchers, and policymakers in mind, it explores the unique features and principles of Islamic social finance, which aims to achieve social objectives alongside financial returns. By examining real-life case studies and digital examples, readers will gain valuable insights into the practical application of Islamic social finance principles. Each chapter concludes with self-review questions, allowing students to assess their understanding and consolidate their knowledge. This book serves as a valuable resource for academics, researchers, and practitioners seeking to explore and implement Islamic social finance principles. With its comprehensive coverage and practical insights, it will will play a crucial role in promoting the understanding and adoption of Islamic social finance for sustainable development.
Islamic social finance legal framework , Shariah compliance in social finance , Legal aspects of Islamic social finance , Digital case studies in Islamic social finance , Contemporary issues in Islamic social finance , Regulation and compliance in Islamic social finance
Kunhibava, S., Muneeza, A., Khalid, M., Mustapha, Z., & Thong, M. S. (2024). Islamic social finance: law and practice in Malaysia. Springer.

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