Enhancing synergy in the waqf ecosystem in Malaysia: promoting in increased waqf contributions among beneficiaries donors, and mutawalli

This research endeavour aims to foster collaboration among beneficiaries, donors, and waqf managers (mutawalli) by deeply understanding the prevailing legislative framework. Employing a concept-driven qualitative methodology, we conducted content analysis through a deductive approach. The investigation employed three key attributes, namely "use more, donate more, and share more," to systematically explore the ramifications of established concepts in a broader context. Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) were conducted, and subsequently, the transcribed text from these FGDs underwent meticulous analysis. The study culminates in the proposition that beneficiaries, donors, and mutawalli can synchronize their efforts through the waqf project by: 1) opting for increased utilization when the waqf project offers goods and services either free of charge or at a more affordable rate compared to the prevailing market prices; 2) contributing higher donations through various means such as cash, deductions from salaries, electronic payments, or in-kind contributions; and 3) enhancing information dissemination by utilizing platforms such as social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.), mass media (television and radio), roadshows, interpersonal communication, and various online channels to propagate the cause. The initiative for synergy examines the applicability of the "benefidonors" term within the present context. The findings demonstrate that the concept of Benefidonors can indeed facilitate the collaborative sharing of information, thereby amplifying waqf contributions from beneficiaries, donors, and mutawalli. As a culmination of the study, a refined Benefidonors model is delineated, providing a comprehensive framework for effective collaboration.
Waqf , Benefidonors , Malaysia , Content analysis
Johari, F., Mat Noor, F., Abdul Hamid, B., Zal, W. A. A., Ali, A. F. M., Misbah, H., Haron, H., Shahwan, S., Shafii, Z., Shaharuddin, A., Ahmad, A., Mahomed, Z., Salim, K., Muhammad Mohamad Yusoff, M. M., Hassan, W., & Atan, N. A. (2023). Enhancing synergy in the waqf ecosystem in Malaysia: promoting in increased waqf contributions among beneficiaries donors, and mutawalli. International Journal of Economics and Finance Studies, 15(3), 76-107.
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