Case study: waqf-shares - financing through movable waqf

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Historically speaking the institution of waqf, which is a non-governmental organization (NGOs), has played a significant role throughout Islamic history, from the time of the Prophet (pbuh) to the beginning of the 19th century. Although this institution existed before the coming of Islam, yet, Islam was the first religion to develop its legal framework and regulate it. Thus, it became one of the devices created by Muslims to fulfill many services that are financed by the state or the government today, such as education, healthcare, national security, transportation facilities, basic infrastructure, food, shelter, and jobs for many. It acted like a network, penetrating many service sectors whenever it found a need to promote a particular sector. We cannot deny the role of this institution in the development of Islamic civilization before its destruction towards the end of the 19th century. With the recent revival of some of the Islamic institutions in the 21st century, the waqf found its way back with a new dimension focusing mainly on the creation of movable waqf in different countries. Waqf-share is one of the movable waqf which has been practiced in many Muslim and Muslim minority countries today. With the current financial crisis and the urgent need for capital to continue providing services needed by the different societies, the introduction of waqf-shares as a fundraising effort was totally accepted. The main objective for introducing waqf-shares is not only for capital accumulation but also to facilitate the process of creating waqf by the different sects of people in any society, regardless of whether they are rich or not, with the minimum amount of money they can afford in order to participate in developing their societies. This paper will address the current practice of waqf-shares in four different countries.
Fund-raising , Waqf-shares
A. Mohsin, M. I. (2011). Case study: waqf-shares - financing through movable waqf. Business Islamica Magazine.
Business Islamica

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