Potential approach for sustainable waqf in Chicago, IL

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Waqf or endowments are among the most effective means of societal growth and development with rigorous practice in Islam's history. With the recent growth in Islamic finance and other Islamic social financing projects, there is potential for growth in the development of waqf in Muslim minority countries like the United States. However, communities with a Muslim minority face significant challenges in practice and adherence to their faith, particularly regarding support from the government. Although there is significant research on waqf's benefits in Muslim majority countries, research on how such benefits can be accrued in a non-Muslim country is limited and potentially in demand. Using a dual qualitative and quantitative analysis by building from previous research, conducting surveys and interviews, we assessed the subject matter. We found that the regular contributors, across levels of contribution, believe in donor fatigue to be a significant challenge in achieving sustainable waqf. We identified specific contributing factors to donor fatigue, including trust, intention to donate, religiosity, and lack of proper endowment. Lastly, we provide recommendations as to how a potential waqf entity may fill the void and be used to support the respective community.
Waqf , Islamic social financing projects , Muslim minority country , United States , Project paper (MSc)
Hamid, I. S. (2021). Potential approach for sustainable waqf in Chicago, IL (Master dissertation). INCEIF, Kuala Lumpur. Retrieved from

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