Using comic to improve zakat literacy as an effort to optimitize zakat collection

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As the biggest Muslims population in the world, Indonesia has big potential to solve social problem, such as poverty, using zakat due to its objectives and features. However, the gap between zakat estimation and zakat collection in Indonesia is still huge. One of the reasons is due to the lack of zakat literacy caused by the absence of innovative media to learn zakat and to market the zakat institutions' programmes. This study tries to investigate whether using comic as a media to learn zakat can improve society's zakat literacy which leads to the better society's zakat awareness and also increases zakat collection in the future. To test the hypothesis whether there is improvement between zakat literacy index scores before and after reading comic, pre-test and post-test to measure the zakat literacy index was randomly distributed to 54 Muslims in Indonesia. Zakat literacy index scores then were analysed using paired sample t-test and Cohen's effect size was used to gauge the magnitude of comic effect in improving zakat literacy. The result revealed that using comic as media can significantly improve people's zakat literacy with very large effect. Based on the result, comic can be considered as one of effectives medias to learn zakat and inform the zakat institutions' programmes to improve society's zakat literacy and awareness that is hoped can also impact to zakat collection by zakat institutions. As recommendation, this innovative media can also be used to learn other topics in Islamic finance. The using of technology (internet), for instance, e-comic can also be a booster to make this media used by wider society.
Zakat literacy index , Comic , One-group pre-test post-test study , Project paper (MSc)
Sri Marlia. (2020). Using comic to improve zakat literacy as an effort to optimitize zakat collection (Master dissertation). INCEIF, Kuala Lumpur. Retrieved from

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