The development of waqf in Sudan for sustainable development

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Waqf is Islamic endowment, an institution which falls within the ambit of Islamic social finance (Abdel Mohsin and Muneeza, 2020). Waqf was one of the first established public institutions in Sudan. It was introduced by a cluster of Arab Muslims who arrived from Egypt in the seventh century. Abdullah b. Sarah was the commander of this group who fought and stopped the Noubi invasion (Al-'Asqalani, 1978). To commemorate this monumental victory, a church in Donqalah was converted into a mosque and later named "Donqalah al-'Ajouz Mosque" (Noor, 1996). It marked the first waqf establishment in Sudan. Since then, many waqf assets have been established, such as shops, mosques, schools, and libraries. As Islam spread, the Sudanese created waqf in Sudan and outside the country. For example, the leadership of 'Amarah Dunqas (1504-1533/4), the king of al-Sultanah al-Zarqa', was the first Sudanese leader to establish land and house waqf in Makkah and Madinah. It was continued by 'Abdellab, the heir of 'Abdellah Jamma, who also established waqf in Makkah. These waqfs still exist. Most of them are houses and land and some of their locations were identified in the 1990s in Saudi Arabia. Some of the assets are considered as family waqf while others are public waqf. The beneficiaries of those assets were used to free slaves and help certain people who came from Sudan to Makkah and Madinah. For the administration of these waqfs, their founders, who were in Sudan, appointed people from among their relatives or trusted people living in Makkah and Madinah to administer their waqfs (Abdel Mohsin, 2005).
Endowment , Sudan , Waqf , Sustainable development , Revival , Muslim countries
A. Mohsin, M. I. (2022). The development of waqf in Sudan for sustainable development. In M. K. Hassan, A. Muneeza, & K. N. M. Sonko (Eds.), Islamic finance in Africa: the prospects for sustainable development (pp. 273-286). Edward Elgar Publishing Limited.
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