The proposed khairat model for constructive collaboration between mosques and takaful operators in Selangor

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In line with the national agenda, the paper aims to promote takaful penetration in Malaysia by proposing constructive collaboration models for khairat plan between takaful operators and mosques. The collaboration enables the creation of a symbiotic relationship between mosques, takaful operators and community. Khairat plan offered by mosque and takaful plan offered by takaful operators have common characteristics and goals in providing financial protection to ummah during misfortune. After the interviews with ten representatives from takaful operators and mosques, the paper had summarised the expected challenges for the collaboration and suggested the possible solutions. There is no single model that fits for all as different takaful operators have diverse operational strength and focus. For an immediate solution, takaful operators can use group term policy with modified features that tailored to the mosque s needs. Developing a microtakaful agent network with asnaf is more impactful and sustainable, mosque plays a role in the appointment of agent, provision of training and facilitating the commencement of takaful certificate. Longer time is required for takaful operators to tap into technology, but developing an innovative digital solution is unavoidable nowadays. Preference is given to the authority to take charge of developing a centralised digital platform in bridging the mosques and takaful operators. However, more efforts and initiatives from takaful operators are expected with the implementation of Value-based Intermediation (VBI). Khairat plan is a stepping stone for takaful operators to offer wide ranges of protection plans to the underserved market, while collaboration with the mosques will be the key to open a door to increase the market penetration.
Khairat model , Takaful operators , Mosques , Malaysia , Project paper (MSc)
Lim, S. K. (2020). The proposed khairat model for constructive collaboration between mosques and takaful operators in Selangor (Master dissertation). INCEIF, Kuala Lumpur. Retrieved from

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