Enhancing zakat management for achieving SDG 1 in Somalia

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Zakat is the third pilar of Islam and it is a form of obligatory giving, zakat has been mentioned in the Holy Quran about 30 times. Zakat has a positive impact of poverty alleviation and social welfare as was practiced for centuries. In the context of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 1), historically and contemporary zakat management plays a significant role in aiming for the goal. This study examines how enhancing zakat management can contribute achieving SDG 1 in Somalia by understanding current poverty in Somalia and how effective zakat management eradicate the poverty and achieve SDG 1 targets. The study highlights past and present successful strategies of poverty alleviation through zakat management including zakat administration such as collection, distribution, and utilization of zakat fund. The study also discussed obstacles and challenges faced improving zakat administration in Somalia, by identify lack government role for zakat admiration and corruption. The study was focused on how to answer the research problem while respecting the research questions and objectives. The study was adopted empirical to investigate the relationship between effective zakat management and achieving SDG 1 goal in Somalia. A survey method was conducted to answer the research questions and primary data was collected from sixty four (64) respondent out of the seventy (70) sample population. In analyzing the survey results, descriptive statistics was used to analyze the quantities data collected from the respondent. From the data analyzed, the majority of the respondent agreed that managing zakat management can eradicate poverty. Respondents also believe that currently Somalia is one of the poorest countries in world. There is percentage of the respondent agreed that the statement related lack of transparency, corruption and long-term civil war was the reason that zakat institution can't perform in Somalia. The study was concluded a number of recommendations which will help stakeholders such as government institutions, Islamic NGOs, Zakat payers and global researchers, in special Somalian future researchers.
Poverty eradication , Zakat management , SDG 1- No Poverty , Framework , Project paper (eMIF)
Mohamud, H. A. (2023). Enhancing zakat management for achieving SDG 1 in Somalia (Master dissertation). INCEIF, Kuala Lumpur. Retrieved from

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