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  • hive_activity_dva.pdf.jpg
  • Blog Post

  • Vicary Abdullah, Daud (2015-09-14)

  • Blog post by INCEIF PCEO Mr. Daud Vicary Abdullah on “A hive of activity“.

  • new_dawn_islamic_finance_dva.pdf.jpg
  • Blog Post

  • Vicary Abdullah, Daud (2015-09-07)

  • Blog post by INCEIF PCEO Mr. Daud Vicary Abdullah on “A new dawn for responsible finance?“.

  • proposed_framework_human_capital_development_islamic_financial_services_industry_natt_etal.pdf.jpg
  • Journal Article

  • Natt, Agil; Alhabshi, Syed Othman; Zainal, Mohd-Pisal (2009)

  • This paper discusses the challenges in measuring the gaps and developing human capital to cater for the booming of Islamic financial services industry. While the need for highly trained manpower in the Islamic financial services industry is well-acknowledged, the root of the problem is primarily due to skills mismatch within the Islamic finance industry. This paper proposes a holistic approach to human capital development as the fundamental solution to the skills mismatch within the financial services industry, Islamic and conventional alike. The significant contribution of this paper lies in the competency model which is universal in nature. Programmes run by institutions such as INC...

  • islamic_cooperative_finance_model_morocco_case_ansar_finance_uk_soal.pdf.jpg
  • Academic Proceeding

  • Touati, Fatima; Alaoui, AbdelKader; Alhabshi, Syed Othman (2013)

  • In view of the heightened interest in Islamic Finance (IF) of some of the countries in the Middle East, in particular Morocco, which is currently initiating the promulgation of new laws on IF, it is thought to be timely to present in this paper the model of Cooperative Finance (CF) based on the system of mutual investment that is in line with Shariah. It is hoped that this model can be considered for integration within the new Moroccan legal framework. This approach provides alternatives to banking credit or financing that are in strict compliance with the legal Islamic Finance principles. Moreover it encourages solidarity within civil society or between groups of people demonstrating...

  • item.jpg
  • PhD

  • Rafi, Umar (2015)

  • This research attempts to show that risk sharing, as defined under Islamic finance, makes financial systems antifragile. The recent financial crisis has given rise to discussions around a new term known as antifragility, used for evaluating the long-term stability of a financial system. Antifragility specifies conditions under which systems become resilient to shocks caused by Black Swans. These are highly unpredictable outlier events that have a major negative (or positive) consequence when they occur, with their occurence only being explained retrospectively. According to this concept, the long-term survivability of any system centers exclusively on its antifragile nature, that is, ...

  • Applications in Shariah financial planning.pdf.jpg
  • Book

  • Lahsasna, Ahcene (2016)

  • The internationalization of Islamic finance in Europe and other parts of the world spurns us to believe that our Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP) programme is relevant to meet market demands. In Malaysia, Islamic finance is growing exponentially. This new Shariah RFP text module features fully updated information to reflect the current changes in the market sphere. First written by industry leading practitioners in 2008, the work has been further enhanced to correctly reflect the exponential changes Islamic finance has undergone over the recent years as the industry has seen the introduction of many new Islamic financial products in the market place. Available in ...

  • arab_spring_murat.pdf.jpg
  • Chapter in Book

  • Cizakca, Murat (2014)

  • Although "Arab Spring" is the name given to the latest events in the Middle East, I am of the opinion that the Arab world has just entered into a winter. Dictators are falling like leaves but it will take a while for the spring to blossom. Moreover, unlike in nature, the transition is not an automatic process. Spring will come only if certain pre-conditions are fulfilled.